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  • WHO are the 10 Best Left-Handed Players in Golf History?

    Across all walks of life, left-handed golfers seem to always be significantly outnumbered, and although there aren't any empirical disadvantages to golfing from the right side of the golf ball, there have been relatively few successful left-handed golfers on the PGA Tour.
    There are many theories aiming to justify the reasoning behind this disparity, for example the lack of readily available left-handed equipment, but there have still been a number of Southpaws to make a name for themselves, while paving the way for future Southpaws in the process.
    We turned back the clocks to the PGA Tours inception back in 1929 in order to bring you the 10 best left-handed players in the History of Golf.
  • Phil Mickelson - Visualize Your Victory, with Ed Mylett

    As a successful businessman, fellow left-handed golfer, and in general, Ed Mylett pronounces the utmost respect for Phil in how he carries himself as a Husband, Father, Friend, and his general demeanor towards treating other people.